Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Rena Oil Spill

Today we read a book about the Rena boat how it had tipped a lot of oil in the water.All most all the containers fell out of the ship when it was the about to sank because it had hit a reef and the beach near it has oil patches on it and you swim in that water you can get sick because the water is polluted and that's why you don’t get in the dirty water and that was my story about the Rena. Thank for reading :)

Thursday, 29 May 2014


The titanic sunk because it scraped an iceberg and it had to much water in it then in sank in 1 hour.
There were only twenty or more life boat on the ship so some had to stay on the ship and die.
And the captain diced that he will go down with the ship and many life's were lost.

My Badminton Lesson

Yay what a fun day the past 2 week our school have been getting Badminton lesson.  Have you ever played Badminton before? Well it is a very fun game . It’s like tennis but we don’t use a ball instead we use a  Shuttlecock.The person who instruct us his name is Danny but sometimes I forget his name and I call him Dan. First we line up outside our classroom and we wait for our teacher and when he comes out we go straight to the hall and we get started.

First we have a warm up game called stuck in the mud. I get so tired because the teachers chase us and their fast they are like flash. After that we lined up in two lines and we went to get a racket and shuttlecock and go back and sit down. then we sit down and wait for him to teach us some grills like backhand serve or forehand.and that was my badminton lesson.thanks for reading.


In Aberdeen now you can live on land and you can go for a ride inn a sampan.You can buy food and eat on a big sampan. A you can even catch fish in the water front and can sleep in one.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My Book Review About The Demon Dentist

This week we had given a book from Mrs Jacobson for SSR.The book that i have chosen a book called THE DEMON DENTIST.It all started with a little boy named Alfie and he lived with his dad. Alfie mother had died giving birth. so he lived just with his dad.his dad went work all day but then one day his dad fell and and then he went to the hospital and the nurse said the he can never walk again. Alfie had rotten teeth and when he had an dentist appointment Alfie would hide it on the top shelf because he new his dad wouldn't reach it. I think this is the best book i have ever read.I think you will like this book to.



Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Hi this this is my blog post about Buoyancy i'm not quite finch but i just thought i will put it on thank for watching .

Monday, 12 May 2014

Jet Boat

The jet boat engine works by sucking in water through  a screen under the boat. And also it shoot  it back out the back of the engine in a high-speed jet steam. That pushes the boat forward.